leadership development program

Design Thinking to Solve Leadership Challenges

Level X is a design thinking program for leaders and managers to creatively and collaboratively solve their biggest problems. It uses the metaphors of velocity and vehicle dynamics to illustrate leadership challenges, then steps through the design thinking process to solve the specific issues that are keeping them up at night. The Level X program makes learning and problem solving tangible by immersing participants in peer-to-peer discussions, activities and the hands-on build of a custom electric go-kart.

Velocity = speed in a given direction. Level X provides the velocity for your team to innovate solutions to their biggest leadership challenges.

Level X is a pseudo-acronym for Leadership Velocity Experience (LEadership VELocity eXperience).

Why Level X?

Learning is reinforced by doing. Creativity is stimulated by action. Connections between neural pathways are made stronger by physically engaging in activity. The space for thought is enhanced by movement of the hands. We build a go kart together as a way to make all of the progress made during the program real. After the session, participants return to the workplace with an action and accountability plan — and the confidence that they can solve their leadership challenges.

Program Content

The Level X program make connections between leadership challenges and their corresponding vehicle counterparts. This experiential approach ensures that information is absorbed, retained, and applied effectively. Each session is customized to meet the specific needs of your team. Some of the challenges that may be addressed include: 

Power (engine)

  • What is it and how is it used effectively?
  • Identifying and navigating the balance of power within your organization
  • The differences between wielding authority versus empowering leadership
  • Keeping self-charged in order to be a power supply for your team

Authenticity (grille)

  • Leadership masks
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Building an authentic leadership style and identity
  • Interpersonal dissonance and its effects

Support (frame)

  • Attributes of supportive leaders
  • Understanding “team weight” and how to support it
  • Appreciative inquiry and reflection on personal support systems

Illumination (headlights)

  • How to light the path for team members via inclusion versus filtered information
  • Providing opportunities for role ownership
  • Why leaders aren’t obligated to have all of the answers

Conflict (brakes)

  • What are common workplace conflicts
  • Effective ways to manage conflict
  • How conflict resolution changes based on relationship (e.g.team member/peer/boss)

Direction (steering wheel)

  • How the absence of leadership causes team members to pull in different directions
  • How over or under correction affects the organizational course
  • How to effectively pivot when leadership change is required

Fear (firewall)

  • What a leader’s responsibility is to protect their team
  • How to push team members appropriately while still providing “guardrails”
  • Confronting personal and professional fears

Toxins (exhaust)

  • How to determine the difference between personality clashes and toxicity
  • The hidden impact of toxic people on an organization
  • How improper work/life balance can create internal toxins

Traction (tires)

  • How a leader provides momentum to their team
  • Ways to maintain momentum after initial launch

Vision (windshield and mirrors)

  • Effective ways to share leadership vision
  • How communication engenders shared trust and engagement
  • How to manage leadership distractions

Ready to see how Level X can help your team innovate and problem solve?

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