Design Thinking for the Real World : An Interactive Workshop

Go Big Creative Lab founders Joe Watson and Jim Gundlach facilitate a design thinking workshop at the 2014 Interaction Marketing Summit. 

Design thinking brought Airbnb from the brink of bankruptcy and helped them grow to a billion-dollar company. Organizations like IBM have successfully incorporated design thinking across their entire enterprise. But what exactly is design thinking, and how can it work for your organization?

Join design thinking consultant and Go Big Creative Lab founder Joe Watson for this interactive design thinking workshop. We’ll define design thinking, briefly look at a couple of case studies, and then move on to applying design thinking to real, tangible issues within your organization.


  • Bring a specific problem you are experiencing within your company, and be prepared to dive into design thinking as a means of devising and testing solutions.
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a “wicked” problem that lacks an obvious solution. Whether it is related to people, product design, systems or processes, design thinking can help formulate solutions to difficult problems.
  • If possible, bring a cross-section of people, roles and departments from your company. Design thinking works well with multi-faceted teams consisting of representatives from all parts of the organization.

You can expect to:

  • Learn a sampling of design thinking methodologies and how to apply them to specific problems.
  • Work individually and as teams to ideate and test solutions to your specific challenges.
  • Leave with a defined action plan that outlines next steps, accountability and measurement of your devised solution.

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