The big brand package for small business.

A Comprehensive Brand Package for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Your brand is much more than your logo. It is the very identity of who you are as an organization. It’s the values you are guided by, the words you use to communicate, and the tone in which you address your audience. Your brand is also the strategic blend of value, pricing and key differentiators that positions you relative to your competitors in the marketplace. And yes, your brand is also the visuals that tie everything together and present to the world.

Brands are part of our everyday stories and experiences. Brands can make us feel, make us act, make us want to be a part of what they represent. Done right, a good brand creates brand ambassadors — people that strongly identify with your product or service and want to share that with the world.

Many organizations struggle with their branding. We created the Go Big Brand Package to help small and mid-sized companies build successful, powerful brands.

What’s Included:

Strategy Session(s)

The work begins with an interactive discussion with your leadership team and key stakeholders where we will discuss:

  • The core values of your business
  • The product or service differentiators that you offer in your industry. (Hint: It is not “great customer service”) What makes you different and/or better than your competitors?
  • The key value proposition of your business — why your customers should care about your brand.

We come in with fresh eyes and learn everything we can about your business. We ask tough questions and hold your feet to the fire when you give vague and overbroad answers. We cut through the clutter and bring sharp insights that you may be missing when viewing your business from the inside.

This session will lay the foundation for all of the other work moving forward. It will help you better understand not only what you do, but why you do it, when it is successful and how to keep it that way.


  • Brand overview document: typically 2-3 pages; Brand tenets defined with a concise vision, includes copywriting building blocks that will be used for future marketing.
  • Tagline/mission statement: A simple phrase or sentence that quickly describes your brand
  • A plan for how to garner buy-in and bring employees along with a shared brand vision


Once your organization has been properly defined verbally, it’s time to represent it visually. The first step is to examine your logo. Much like a good tagline, a well-executed logo tells a story and leaves a lasting impression. Think of some famous brands — Target, Apple, FedEx, Nike, Starbucks — you can instantly picture their logos in your mind.

A logo can be many things. Strong and powerful. Elegant and sophisticated. Witty and clever. Fun and frivolous. We’ll create a logo that best represents your brand message. First, we’ll determine whether a logomark, logotype, or combination of both is appropriate. Then, the process looks like this:

  • Phase 1: Sketches of 10-15 initial concepts presented
  • Phase 2: Client selects 3-5 options for further development
  • Phase 3: Final logo chosen; color variations explored
  • Phase 4: Final logo completed. Logo variations provided (reversed, stacked, 1-color, etc.) in multiple vector and raster formats (EPS, PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG)

Identity System

Once the logo is complete, we explore additional typography options and apply to the collateral you need to run your business.

  • Typography options defined (font styles and weights, etc.)
  • Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stationery, other identity collateral designed; typically a 2-3 stage process similar to logo development
  • Paper stock and quantities determined; files sent to printer
  • Sign off on proofs and press checks ensure quality of final product

Mood Boards and Image Library

This phase begins to define the look and feel of your brand, including colors, images, and other stylistic options. It includes:

  • Research and selection of images that best represent your brand
  • Creation of color pallet that is brand appropriate
  • Development of Mood Boards that visually define brand tone, style and colors
  • Sourcing of brand photography and illustrations. This can mean using in-house imagery, hiring a photographer/illustrator, or purchasing stock images
  • Creation of image library: 15-20 images that will be repurposed for marketing outreach

Brand Standards Manual

The Brand Standards Manual clearly defines all the brand components, including:

  • Corporate mission, values and vision statement
  • Key value propositions and product/service differentiators
  • Appropriate use of logo, logomark and tagline; definitions and examples, including incorrect usage rules to maintain brand consistency
  • Brand typography, including font weights and styles
  • Brand color pallet, defined with primary and secondary colors
  • Thumbnails of image library and usage examples

Print Collateral

  • Concept and design of custom print piece to support marketing and sales efforts
  • Size and format to be determined as appropriate; not a trifold
  • Overseeing of all printing and production

Ad Creation

Application of brand messaging to standard print ad formats

  • ¼, ½, and full page ad templates created; electronic files provided for production

Web Site

  • Built on WordPress platform*
  • Custom design
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Includes up to 20 site pages
  • Copy will be written for SEO optimization, while keeping in mind that the main audience is still human beings
  • Install and configure Yoast SEO plugin; includes defining keywords and writing on-page SEO for each page/post
  • Installation and configuration of required free and paid plugins
  • Blog/Though leadership section, including plan for ongoing content creation
  • Configuration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • SSL Certificate installation (necessary for Google ranking even without e-commerce)
  • Setup of web hosting; preferred vendor is WP Engine
  • Responsive design for viewing on all desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Optimization of images, CDN (content delivery network) configuration to ensure fast site load times
  • Proper alt tags for all images to assist with SEO and usability
  • Submission of sitemap to Google
  • Keyword research
  • If desired, setup of Google Adwords and first campaign
  • 3 months of maintenance and updates included after site launch
  • Up to 2 hours WordPress training

Social Channels

Assistance in setup of corporate social accounts, including:

  • Creation of banners and graphics for social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Go Big Brand Package Cost:

$10,000; Payable in 3 monthly installments

Initial consultation is always free.


The entire brand package typically takes 2-3 months from start to finish to fully implement.


What if I don’t need all the Brand Package components, can I create a custom package?

Of course. We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs and go from there. We typically find that the cost remains fairly consistent, but where the most time is spent changes based on each particular project.

*What if a WordPress site won’t work for us? 

Then we’ll find something that does. WordPress is not the best solution for everything — particularly if you are integrating ERP or other systems. We have trusted development partners that are experts in their field and capable of building anything we can dream up.

Can you work with our existing brand and marketing team to guide us through a brand refresh?

Absolutely! Having a new voice and fresh perspective often reenergizes the team. We play well in the sandbox and are quite comfortable leading groups large and small though brand/rebrand campaigns.

Ready to get started? Call us at 440.808.9843 or drop us a line.