Meet the Team

joe Watson

About the Founder

Joe Watson, CEO of Go Big Creative Lab, has over 20 years of experience as a design thinker and educator. An innovative thought leader, Joe believes that design thinking and the creative process have tremendous power to impact businesses and organizations.

Over the course of his career, Joe has provided strategic and brand development for hundreds of organizations, ranging from startups and non-profits to Fortune 100 companies. As an educator, he has taught an MBA course at The University of Akron and senior-level design curriculum at Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

Joe has lectured and conducted professional development seminars regionally and nationally, including featured presentations at the Interaction Marketing Summit, National REIA’s Midyear, the XMPie User Conference, and national leadership conferences for AIGA: the professional association for design.

In the community, Joe served as President and advisory board member of the Cleveland chapter of AIGA: the professional association for design. He co-created Go Big Fundraising, a unique fundraising model for non-profits, as well as programs that tackle social issues like Texder’s Distracted Driving Crusade.

Joe is naturally inquisitive and passionate about learning and personal development on a wide variety of topics. He is a Yondan (4th degree black belt) and internationally certified instructor in Isshin Ryu Karate. Joe is also a lifelong musician and the creator and co-host of Riffs on Riffs, a new podcast on the collision of original and sampled music brought to you by Evergreen Podcasts.

In his free time, Joe enjoys time with his daughter, basketball, golf, woodworking, making music, and seeing all the ways life’s dots connect.

Partners and Resources

Go Big Creative Lab is a proud member of M House Collective, a collaborative think tank whose mission is to assist organizations and individuals in applying creative practices and innovative frameworks to challenging issues. M House’s other collaborators include:

chris weigand

Chris Weigand
CEO, Neon Carrot

Neon Carrot brings curious insight, thoughtful strategy, and talented creativity to challenges and opportunities throughout our world.   Businesses, organizations, and communities benefit from this human-centric approach to problem solving. Diversity of thought, experience, and people is the core of how Neon Carrot is able to do what we do.

Chris brings more than 20 years of design expertise and experience with 200+ brands to Meraki House Collective.


Kathy Lentner
Tiaki Associates

Tiaki, founded by CEO Kathy Lentner,assists creative organizations in aligning their values, culture, and behaviors in order to nurture the wellbeing of their employees. Tiaki’s integrated approach is rooted in the 6 elements of a healthy workforce —  Meaning, Potential, Connection, Environment, Emotional and Physical Health, and Playthat when nurtured, create a pathway to greater workplace satisfaction, more engaged and energized employees, and ultimately, improved creativity, business results and productivity.

By providing the necessary tools and insight, Tiaki identifies immediate opportunities for improvement while removing the barriers that hold organizations back. This ultimately allows companies to better attract and retain top talent by creating a culture focused on their greatest asset — their people.

Kathy brings a background in workplace psychology and organizational development, alongside a keen understanding of human behavior, to Meraki House.

Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner
Vibrant Living and Leadership

Vibrant Living & Leadership creates compelling gatherings that provide people with guidance, space, and inspiration to explore what is most important in their professional and personal lives.  VL+L believes everyone has the ability to strengthen their leadership skills, nurture creativity, and awaken to their most authentic self to transform how they live and lead.

Founded by Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner, Vibrant Living & Leadership gatherings are characterized by curiosity, interaction, and reflection, giving professionals, teams, students, non-profit, and corporate organizations meaningful opportunities for greater understanding and growth.

Claudine brings the transformational powers of creative exploration and thoughtful meaning-making to Meraki House Collective.



Additional Expert Collaborators

toby Brazwell

Toby Brazwell

Toby is the District Manager for Farmers Insurance and works with business owners in many different industries. He understands first-hand the challenges of managing a team and excels at communicating with people to ensure best business practices are being utilized and implemented.

Toby is a dynamic speaker, motivator, hip hop producer and emcee. His group Edotkom has opened for several established acts like Fugees and Cypress Hill, to name a few. He lends his prodigious talents to Go Big’s Organizational Rhapsody program. Toby  and Go Big founder Joe Watson also co-host the music podcast Riffs on Riffs.

Wondering how Toby finds the time and energy to accomplish so much? Check out his book, The Empowerment Chords.

Dave Velardo

Dave Velardo

Dave is a recording engineer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire. Trained at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Dave has spent a lifetime writing, producing and performing and brings a wealth of real world music experience and best practices to Organizational Rhapsody.

Dave is also an accomplished photographer and videographer whose work for bands like Little Feat and blues legend Wallace Coleman has been nationally recognized.