We use design thinking to help organizations innovate, solve problems, and get unstuck.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a methodology for innovating solutions to complex problems. It begins with the use of empathy to understand the root of the problem — not just the symptoms of that problem. It then steps through the following stages to develop and implement solutions:

Who uses design thinking?

Design thinking is utilized by many of the world’s top performing organizations. Large corporations like IBM and PepsiCo have integrated design thinking across their entire organization. Google Ventures developed the Design Sprint as a weeklong immersion into creating, prototyping and testing ideas. But design thinking is not just for the large corporate monoliths — every organization can leverage it as a way to innovate, solve problems, and get unstuck.

If design is about the aesthetic — making things both beautiful and functional — then design thinking is about the transformative. We use design thinking and the creative process to transform people and organizations.

Design thinking is a methodology that is most effective when it is experienced. Go Big’s design thinking programs immerse participants immediately in the process of innovation and problem solving in fun and creative ways. Benefits of this include:

  • Learning by doing. Scientific studies have consistently shown that experiential learning significantly increases the absorption, retention, and application of information
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Accepting failure as part of the path towards a successful outcome
  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Overcome the paralysis of a blank canvas
  • Move forward from static thinking
  • Embrace curiosity and positivity as a means to solve problems
  • Creating an immediate “win” for the participants
  • Creation of a tangible artifact that can be shared with others and revisited as a success benchmark

DT Programs can either be implemented as stand-alone experiences or incorporated as the first phase of a design thinking workshop.

Benefits of standalone program:

  • Problems become self-evident
  • Collaboration happens organically
  • People step up, sometimes in unfamiliar roles
  • Vulnerability is shared in natural ways that increases interpersonal connections
  • Participants create an artifact to share with the rest of the organization
  • Real problems are defined and solutions are shared
  • The design thinking methodology is learned and practiced — and can be applied to future problems

Benefits when programs are incorporated into a full design thinking workshop:

  • Acts as discovery phase for the workshop – the root causes of underlying problems are uncovered and defined
  • Participants practice empathy and build trust that is necessary for successful problem solving
  • Participants create and step through all the stages of design thinking in their own unique experience

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There’s a misnomer that only certain types of people are “creative.” The truth is, everyone has the ability to innovate and solve even the biggest of challenges — they just need to be given the proper tools and the right environment to generate and test ideas. Go Big design thinking workshops do just that. We teach your team members the design thinking methodology, then quickly begin applying it to real issues within the organization. Whether it’s innovating around a new product or service, solving longstanding communication breakdowns, or working through a technical or tactical challenge, your people will quickly find themselves engaged in the powerful process of solving their own wicked problems.

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Sprints are a weeklong immersion into the design thinking process. Developed by Google Ventures, a sprint is a proven way to dramatically condense the “time to launch” phase of development. Whether you’re attempting to innovate around a system, product, or service, sprints give you the opportunity to fast-track new ideas, rapid prototype solutions, and test the results.

Design sprints have been utilized successfully by hundreds of organizations, large and small, across the entire spectrum of industry and non-profits. The Go Big team facilitates the entire process to ensure that your sprint provides the insights, impact, and measurable results you require for success.

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The Go Big Difference:

  • Design Thinking Brought to Life: We bring the process, mindset, optimism and energy to solve your most complex problems.
  • Moving Beyond the Theoretical: Many times consultants bring pre-packaged solutions and attempt to shoehorn them onto your specific challenges. We listen, understand, and then work with you to put into action the right solution for your specific problem.
  • Get Unstuck: Oftentimes organizations are paralyzed by “we’ve always done it this way,” or “this is too complex a problem to be solved.” We help you get unstuck and tackle your biggest challenges.
  • Bias Towards Action: Real learning and problem solving is experienced. We will set your people on the path to taking action and tackling challenges, not sitting around admiring their problems.

Go Big programs find the key intersection point that ensures a successful design thinking implementation.

design thinking

We Work With Organizations That Are…

  • Interested in immersive, hands-on, collaborative work to solve real challenges
  • Looking beyond traditional classroom training and assessments to improve organizational culture
  • Interested in appreciative inquiry to determine what is working well and how to apply that to areas that need improvement
  • Ready to roll up their sleeves and begin the process of tangibly working through wicked problems
  • Committed to consistent and ongoing improvement
  • Currently employing at least 50 people, although progressive companies of smaller size looking to establish culture are also a good fit. Our programs scale easily to large corporations.