Go Big creates and facilitates custom design thinking programs that help businesses innovate, solve problems, and improve organizational dynamics.

Level X

The Leadership Velocity Experience

Level X is a leadership program that actively engages participants in the hands-on design and build of a custom electric vehicle. It applies the concept of velocity and the metaphors found in vehicle dynamics (power, braking, steering, traction, support, etc.) to prompt leadership discussions and activities.

Level X features purposeful team-building activities and discussions that illuminate leadership challenges, provoke inquisitive, human-centered solutions, and produce outcomes-based results.

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Tie Sabaki logo

Leveraging Martial Arts for Business Success

Tai Sabaki is a principle of body management that positions oneself in an advantageous position. Instead of force, it typically applies the concepts of redirection, anticipation and harmony.

“Tie” Sabaki is an immersive, interactive design thinking program that teaches martial arts concepts and techniques, then applies these concepts to leadership, conflict resolution, overcoming fear, and team building within an organization.

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organizational rhapsody - design thinking program

The Power of Music to Transform Organizations

Organizational Rhapsody brings together members of an organization to collaborate on the writing, performing and recording of an original song, from scratch, start to finish. The musical creation will represent their organization — either as it exists today, or as the participants would like to see it in the future.

This design thinking program enables participants to work through creative differences toward a common goal, practice rapid prototyping to speed up the process of innovation, and create sharable content that will drive the direction of the organization.

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If design is about the aesthetic — making things both beautiful and functional — then design thinking is about the transformative. We use design thinking and the creative process to transform people and organizations.

Design Thinking is:

Human Centered

  • Empathetic and seeks to understand people’s needs in order to creatively meet those needs
  • Asks “what makes life better?”
  • About understanding culture and context as much as information gathering


  • Seeks to ask the right questions in order to solve the right problems, rather than just symptoms of those problems
  • Starts with the “Why?” and  communicates inside out to drive behavior

start with the why design thinking


  • Recognizes that problem solving is a cyclical process of understanding, exploration, prototyping and evaluation
  • Features rapid prototyping to speed up the process of innovation; building in order to think


  • Concerned with creating choices and exploring new ideas and alternatives
  • Asks “how might we…?”


  • Shifts from passive to active experiences that are about participation and not consumption
  • Requires and benefits from participation of all, even “non-designers”


  • Integrates opposing ideas and constraints to create new solutions
  • Solves challenges by utilizing the people who face them every day
  • Finds intersection between desirability, viability, and feasibility


Outcomes Based

  • A design brief is created to define desired outcomes, map out action plans, identify accountability benchmarks, and measure success criteria.

We Work With Organizations That Are…

  • Interested in immersive, hands-on, collaborative work to solve real challenges
  • Looking beyond traditional classroom training and assessments to improve organizational culture
  • Interested in appreciative inquiry to determine what is working well and how to apply that to areas that need improvement
  • Ready to roll up their sleeves and begin the process of tangibly working through wicked problems
  • Committed to consistent and ongoing improvement
  • Currently employing at least 50 people, although progressive companies of smaller size looking to establish culture are also a good fit. Our programs scale easily to large corporations.